SMME Support as of July 2020

What the Renewable Energy (IPP) Projects have contributed to the Small Medium Micro Enterprises in South Africa

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The purpose of this presentation is to provide the information on what the Renewable Energy (IPP) Projects have contributed to the Small Medium Micro Enterprises in South Africa.


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Renewable energy engineering firm AfiCoast Engineers SA has announced that a new company,
AfriCoast Energy, will now be responsible for all future renewable energy projects - particulary
wind and solar - while it will also play a key role in guiding AfriCoast Engineers' current
basket of renewable energy projects.

Industry News

80 students to gain forestry sector skills as part of master plan rollout

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Under the Forestry Sector Masterplan, which emphasises forestry skills development, about 80 students will participate in the programme at the Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority (FPM Seta) and the universities of the Witwatersrand and Pretoria. They will start as soon as the enrolment processes at the institutions are completed, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment deputy minister Maggie Sotyu said in her keynote speech at the Forest 21 workshop virtual launch event on April 14.

Infrastructure development using private funding to provide benefits if projects are sustainable

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Infrastructure investing, when done sustainably, can deliver significant economic benefits to a country and for generations to come, but fund managers have to take a holistic view to ensure they make investments into sustainable infrastructure projects, says financial services group Sanlam Investments head of credit Ockert Doyer. Sanlam Investments is convinced that allocating capital to sustainable infrastructure projects will continue to result in great risk-adjusted returns for investors, while having a big positive economic impact for the country - specifically as the economy is rebuilt after Covid-19.

Public have until month-end to comment on new lighting lamp specifications

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South Africans have until April 30 to comment on the recently gazetted specifications for general service lamps. The specifications are aimed at improving the safety, performance and energy efficiency of lightbulbs approved for use in South Africa by phasing out inefficient and environmentally harmful lighting products, the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) said on April 14.

Barberton should be focus of new gold thrust – exploration geologist

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Barberton should be the prime target to get South African gold mining going again, with geologists having an input at all stages of development and the mining cycle. “The main area that I think we should be concentrating on now is on Barberton. I think it has some exceptional geology,” said highly experienced exploration geologist Graham Gavine in a Zoom interview on how South Africa’s exploration potential can be unlocked. (Also watch attached Creamer Media video.)

EOH expects restructuring to be completed soon; will pursue growth from later this year

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Information and communication technology services group EOH reported in its interim results for the six months ended January 31, 2021, that it had stabilised its businesses, achieved an operating profit for the first time in two years and narrowed its headline loss a share. It achieved an operating profit of R59-million for the interim period, compared with a R915-million loss reported for the six months to January 31, 2020.

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