AfriCoast Energy (Pty) Ltd is a wholly South African company. It derived from leading engineering consultancy AfriCoast Engineers (Pty) Ltd as a result of increasing specialisation, growth and success within the energy sector, and in particular the renewable energy sector. The establishment of AfriCoast Energy as a separate company, focussing exclusively on energy and sustainability work, has afforded AfriCoast the opportunity to grow its footprint within southern Africa’s energy sector.

AfriCoast Energy kicked-off its operations under its new name and identity in January 2015, yet carries with it the history, experience and credibility, built up over almost two decades. Initially established in 1996 as Silva McGillivray Inc., the company evolved to become AfriCoast Engineers (Pty) Ltd in 2001. This move embraced transformation (in line with the company’s core values) through the inclusion of black shareholding in the company.

Our Team

Our highly responsive team of project managers, engineers and support staff has considerable experience in delivering conventional and turnkey projects.

AfriCoast Energy is headed by three directors:


John McGillivray (Pr Tech Eng)

John McGillivray is the Managing director of AfriCoast Energy (Pty) Ltd.

John is an engineering management and consulting veteran with an international track record of projects in Europe, South Africa, Australia and the United States spanning over two decades. John McGillivray has over 20 years’ experience in the design and construction of a wide variety of civil engineering, and renewable energy projects with an emphasis on project management. He is a respected leader, able to build and develop highly motivated teams focused on achieving project goals and working through regulatory requirements. He is an organized and energetic worker, with excellent interpersonal and technical skills, who is committed to the integrity of professional standards and practices in private and public works engineering projects.

Gerald Ehlers (BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Gerald Ehlers is the Managing director of AfriCoast Energy (Pty) Ltd.

Gerald Ehlers has over 15 years’ experience in the electrical engineering industry Gerald has gained vast background knowledge in the electrical and electronic engineering field having worked on various projects for private companies. Gerald has been responsible for overseeing the development and construction of wind and solar projects, taking personal pride in the success of each and motivating all those to achieve the high standards expected.


Bronwynne Boswell (BComm – Majoring in Business Management and Industrial Psychology)

Bronwynne Boswell is a Non-Executive Director at AfriCoast Energy (Pty) Ltd.

Bronwynne has over 9 years’ experience in business development with a core focus in Economic Development. Her areas of expertise focus on the development of skills and legislative compliance from a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment perspective. She passionately guides companies to ensure proper BBBEE compliance and understanding. Bronwynne brings with her, strategic level Socio Economic Development insight and experience in Enterprise Development programme implementation equipping her as a hands-on member of the team lending value to ensuring proper and compliant implementation of projects.

A core management team ensures that tight project management and adherence to our service strategy is in place on each project.

    The team includes:
  • John McGillivray – Acting Head of Renewable Projects
  • Gerald Ehlers – Head of Development Projects


Accreditation and affiliations are critical in our industry as they offer quality assurance endorsement and show our commitment to professionalism, delivery and the global and local regulatory framework.



We are committed to providing a quality service, fully meeting the requirements of our customers and satisfying their expectations. Africoast is currently certified under ISO 9001 :2015 through NQA Africa

We are committed to transformation in South Africa and as such we are a certified Level 3 contributor to Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment, in accordance with the Construction Sector Codes.


Affiliations and memberships to local and international professional bodies:

  • Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
  • South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA)
  • Consulting Engineers of South Africa (CESA)
  • South African Independent Power Producers Association (SAIPPA )

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