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What the Renewable Energy (IPP) Projects have contributed to the Small Medium Micro Enterprises in South Africa

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The purpose of this presentation is to provide the information on what the Renewable Energy (IPP) Projects have contributed to the Small Medium Micro Enterprises in South Africa.


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Renewable energy engineering firm AfiCoast Engineers SA has announced that a new company,
AfriCoast Energy, will now be responsible for all future renewable energy projects - particulary
wind and solar - while it will also play a key role in guiding AfriCoast Engineers' current
basket of renewable energy projects.

Industry News

Firms and households tap rooftop power as load-shedding risk lingers

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Improving technologies, which reduce deployment costs, as well as lower tariffs and thousands of hours of sunshine every year, along with the continued challenges of State-owned power utility Eskom’s load-shedding, will likely drive more citizens and businesses to adopt solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to meet their electricity consumptions needs. Despite the prevalence of some barriers, including municipal capacity constraints, processes, policies and regulations and illicit operators, as well as the upfront costs needed to deploy solar-based power systems, that hamper the acceleration of the sectors’ growth, adoption of solar PV technology is on the rise.

Eskom seeks to show prudency of running diesel plants as its pegs cost of load-shedding at R9.53/kWh

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State-owned electricity producer Eskom sought to demonstrate the economic prudency of running the diesel-fuelled open-cycle gas turbines (OCGTs) harder to mitigate load-shedding during the fourth day of National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) public hearings into its latest allowable revenue application. Eskom is seeking allowable revenue of R293.4-billion for 2022/23, which would result in a 20.5% tariff hike from April 1 if granted.

Renewable alternatives critical to support Mpumalanga’s decarbonisation drive

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The transformation and decarbonisation of the South African energy system is gathering momentum; however, a regional plan is required for the coal mining region of Mpumalanga, to prevent considerable economic and socioeconomic losses and ensure a just transition, and a push for renewable energy in the province has the potential to achieve that transition. This is according to the South Africa Benefits study report: “From coal to renewables in Mpumalanga: Employment effects, opportunities for local value creation, skills requirements, and gender-inclusiveness”, which was published on January 18.

World air speed records for Rolls-Royce-led electric aircraft officially confirmed

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Renowned UK-based propulsion and technology systems group Rolls-Royce announced on Thursday that its ‘Spirit of Innovation’ technology demonstrator aircraft had been officially declared the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft. The international body responsible for controlling and certifying aeronautical and astronautical records, the Fédération Aéronautique International, had officially verified the new records set by the aircraft, over measured distances of 3 km and 15 km respectively. The 3-km record was set on November 16 last year, with the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ maintaining a speed of 555.9 km/h (345.4 mph) over that distance. This broke the previous such record by 213.04 km/h (132 mph). During further flights the aircraft set a new 15-km speed record of 532.1 km/h (330 mph), smashing the previous record by 292.8 km/h (182 mph). The fastest speed actually reached by the plane was 623 km/h (387.4 mph).

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